Would you date this woman?

She has straight brown hair, and blue eyes. She fears blood, knives, and likes to cut words into her skin with a shaving blade. One day someone were cutting meat and she screamed and started crying. she has panic attacks when she sees knifes, blood, or broken glass. She won't let you sleep in the same bed as her AND always locks her room door at night. she always sleeps with a teddy bear and calls it Jenny she cries with it every two weeks. One day She slapped her boyfriend in the face and said. Liar! You cheated me! then runs upstairs and cries with her teddy bear. She gets nervous when people touch her. And she's scared of her older brother and refuses to be left alone with him.

One day while changing into her clothes for gym class a girl was talking about how pretty/ beautiful she was and how she had a cute little butt. She ran into the girls bathroom, starts sobbing uncontrollably and hugging her backpack. She's bossy, talkative, humble, supporting, open minded and understanding. Pretend she looks like this... Would you date this woman?

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Ah to add i never met this girl in real life and I'm doing what I do best- making up a person and events.

If a girl was a little crazy and strange and looked like this would you date them?

To make things simpler.
Come on guys :3


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  • yes, she needs a bit of taming, little, wild sexy kitten


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  • Yes she's hot!!!