Trying to to talk to this girl?

I see this very attractive girl on my school campus every so often, but for some reason can't say a thing to her. Afraid to approach her because I am not sure of what to say, I literally drew a blank and ended up saying some stupid one liner (which is the story of my life, I can never have a very cool conversation with a girl). Then on top of that there are other guys who are far more experienced and better looking than I who are trying to go after the same girl. The thing is I don't know anything about her other than she is from my hometown. She could have a boyfriend, could possibly be clinically crazy for all I know. The thing is I want to find out more about her but just to nervous or to be straight so much of a punk (scared of looking like an idiot) to actually talk to her. Need some advice or a pep talk.


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  • You can do this. Start from the basics, " Hi, how are you?". Then gradually move your subject from that to "So I heard that you're from... It's funny because I am from there too! I miss the..."

    Once you start the conversation and keep it going, it should be fine. You have the upper hand since you already have a common interest. Good luck!


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