Why he won't initiate texts?

Gave this guy my number, few days later he reached out and we started talking.
We have very hilarious and long conversations, we're very talkative, and also I wanna stress that him and I respond to each other quite fast and frequently (unless one of us is genuinely busy).
I'm sure both of us know we're at least interested in each other, because we flirt quite a bit.
I didn't mind texting first when we didn't know each other well, but I've noticed even after we got quite close, he still doesn't initiate texts.
However, he responds very well if I text him.
I decided to "disappear" for two days, but still no initiation from his side to reach out.
What's the catch guys? I think it's obvious enough that I like texting him, he shouldn't feel intimidated.


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  • Texting should only be used to set up dates


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he doesn't like texting.

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