So I'm sitting in class right now and there's a girl new this week?

I think she's a day student that has to take this class at night. Anyway she came in and saw someone she knew. When I see girls that hang around guys I don't feel the need to even try talking to them. I'm sure I should and I'm sure people will say girls feel the same way. Bit it's hard to even motivate myself to get to know her (either as in I'm interested or sometimes friendly) when I see this happen. Hell, sometimes just the thought that she has guy friends make me stay to myself...what is this? It's so frustrating, does anyone else feel like this?


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  • Some girls like that a lot of guys are interested in her but she always has a one eye and a stronger feeling for one guy.


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  • Yeah man I'm right there with you. Usually its because we feel like we have to compete with 5 different guys for her, and usually the guy says screw this why even try.

    • So what do the 5 other guys say to themselves? This is really frustrating :/

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