Would you date me?

I'm caring for women and will never disrespect a girl.
I'm extremely loyal.
I've been told I'm funny.
I'm really intelligent and went to school for a long time and have an M. D. and PhD.
I save lives for a living (I'm a urological surgeon).
I make 750k per year and live in a mansion and have a jaguar.

I work 75+ hours a week.
I'm usually too tired to do anything.
All I talk about is my job and my research.
I'm relatively tall (6 ft) but I weigh too much (198 lbs)... Aka I'm fat.
I'm not very handsome and my sense of fashion sucks.

Please give me honest opinions. Thanks ahead of time for your help!


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  • if thats u in the pic, u wouldn't hve trouble bro

    • Lmao that's Jeb bush's son but I'm even uglier I look like a piece of shit.

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    • Nah I wish I looked like him at least he's not fat

    • i would throw my health for a jaguar and those 2" of height

      but nah, on second thought not if it involves checking out a bunch of dicks all day :-D