Do You Think That He Was Serious or Joking?

So there is this guy that I kissed a few weeks ago. The thing is that he's in a relationship so I have been trying to back off from that. He admitted the night we kissed that he liked me and had feelings for me. Well I told him the other day about this guy that I met and it seemed like he has been a little standoffish. I told him today that hurt me a little and he was like "I should be the one hurt. I have to hear you talk about other guys and how you're talking to them all the time." I was like, well, at least someone is talking to me. Then he was like "we know why I'm not showing you attention." He then tried to laugh it off and said that he doesn't care if I talk about other guys in front of him but I don't believe him. Do you think that he was joking or serious?


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  • Who cares what he thinks, go find an unattached guy. Invest your time and feelings into someone who doesn't play games.