Girls, if you are interested in a guy that you met online, would you ask him questions to get to know him, or would you let him ask you first?

That's what a woman I'm talking to is doing, and it's making me doubt her interest in me... She asks how I'm doing and what I'm up to, but she never asks any personal questions (interests, hobbies, family, past jobs, etc... just stuff to get to know a person better). She does answer my questions and then says "what about you?"... but never asks first. Is she shy, or is she just being polite and appreciating the attention I'm giving her? We seem to get along pretty well, but this is gnawing at the back of my mind... We have a date set for this weekend, and I'm wondering if I'm simply wasting my time.

Anyone else?


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  • That's my current situation. I'm interested in a guy I met online, but I can't be with him...
    Anyways, you both should ask questions to get know each other better. I would say that she might be shy, maybe she don't know what kind of questions she can ask you.
    On the other hand, there's a chance she might not be interested in you. She might just being polite.
    I know you probably don't want to hear this, but you might be wasting your time.

    • I wonder how long girls are gonna use the I'm shy excuse when I come to talking to guys before they realize that guys don't see it as a legitimate excuse.

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    • I know that but if those same women knew how to not be shy anymore they would definitely jump at the opportunity. There is literally nothing you can't learn you just have to allow yourself to be taught.

    • @cchris989 Well, I guess you're right, then.

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  • It should be mutual, and I expect to be talking to a woman that thinks she is an equal!! I'm so tired of trying to get to know women, on dating sites, and they say nearly nothing, like they aren't even trying to connect, and see if you have anything in common!!
    Then they post on other sites how NO GUY LIKES THEM!!
    Show some interest, have something that you can share, making you someone to want to talk to!! Share something about YOU, or what you like!
    I know what you are saying!! I ask her questions, and get short, simple answers, no response questions, like she is at all interested.
    I go three emails, and if all I get is short, simple answers, I delete her, and move on!!
    A relationship should be something that you want to share, and each should WANT to know more about the other, and maybe there is something in common, but maybe other things they can share.
    If she can't be bothered to talk about what she likes, or has no likes, then that is probably why she is alone!! Sorry, just what I have experienced, MANY times!!
    Most dating sites I have tried are like that!! They match you with whatever their quota is, and NONE are any kind of 'Match' at ALL!!

    • We had very animated conversations for the first few days that we talked, but now it's been a week and a half, and it has slowly started getting more one sided, with me asking and her answering then asking for my answer.

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    • We've been talking daily (off and on all day) for a week and a half, though.

    • We've talked on the phone several times and we text (not email).

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