Double date problem with my best friend?

My best friend really likes this guy and he likes her too but they're just hooking up and getting to know each other, so he brought his best friend and she brought me so it was kind of a set up. We're all 17 and go to the same school and we know of each other, so anyway yesterday morning we went to where this guy and his best friend live and we were just hanging out and like cuddling on the couch but then my best friend and this guy disappeared so me and his best friend just start hooking up and doing stuff and like it wasn't horrible but i don't want to do it again and my best friend wants me to go to their house again tomorrow night.
So my problem is, i'm still a virgin and i dont wanna have sex with this guy but my best friend wants to hang out with them again so she can have sex and its going to be so awkward for his best friend and i so i feel like we have to hook up. This sounds so childish and im sorry but i just dont know what to do because she begged me to go and i dont want to hook up with that guy but he does?


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  • Just let him know you aren't interested in having sex with him. Just say I am not there with you yet and I would appreciate it if we could just hangout instead. You have the right to say no and not want to do it. You don't owe him or your best friend anything like that.

  • If you don't feel comfortable then don't go. You shouldn't feel obligated to do something you don't wanna do. If you do go and don't wanna hook up just tell the guy. If he's a good person he'll respect your decision