Does this show he is still interested?

I met a guy online and we messaged for a few weeks, then we started texting and lastly we began to video chat (he lives kind of far away). Anyways we clicked right away and our chats have lasted for almost 2 hours, he said he liked me. Today was the 1st day he delayed a text response, apparently his day didn't go very well, it took him 6hrs to text me (his phone died and he fell asleep). I took a little while to text back, he didn't respond, but since I'm going to bed I texted him goodnight and wished him a better day. He did respond w goodnight and for when I saw the text good morning (I think its sweet). Does this show a level of interest?


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  • Yes he is interested. You'll know when he lacks interest, because he'll stop contact or distance himself. So just trust he likes you until he gives you a reason to think any different

  • It seems like he simply had a bad day and needed a little time to process it.
    I don't think I'd read too much into it unless he were to begin behaving markedly differently than he has in the past or becomes obviously distant.