Should a man only pursue women on dating websites if the woman messaged him first?

As a general rule of online dating, women are inundated with messages from men. Even if she does respond to a message from an average guy looking for a serious relationship, there is no guarantee that she has any serious interest in him. She has many guys to choose from, so she's most likely just being friendly.

Wouldn't a man have much more of a chance by only messaging women who show a sign of interest first (by messaging or hitting "like")?



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  • The first bit is spot on, but most women will refuse to message anyone first, for some reason. Waiting for them to hit like could be viable, but they could still just be friendly with you or shrug you off.


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  • A man should persue a women he wants whatever the outcome and stop worrying about rejection.

  • Dude just go outside and talk to chicks you see in the physical world

    • I'm not in college anymore.

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    • The chance of that working for a guy my age who isn't religious in the area I live in is pretty much nil.

    • Maybe with that attitude