Is she really into me Or I am overthinking?

= I like a girl in my class, she is the most beautiful in my class.

= She only gives me signs that she likes me and also she maintains distance from every other guy in the class, and she always try to get my attention by clothes etc.

= It's been going on for 2 months, is she really into me from heart?

  • Yeah, she is really into you from heart because she doesn't talk to any other guy in class even though she is gorgeous because she doesn't want you to think that she is interested in someone else. She seems like a loyal girl who really likes you from heart, go for it bro.
  • You are overthinking.
  • Others (please comment the details what you think)
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What Girls Said 2

  • I think you're overthinking dude. She could just keep distance from guys because she's shy/timid. Clothes are clothes, it doesn't mean anything if she dresses nice. Has she talked to you? Like ever?

    • No, but she had made it clear that she likes me, like going out of her way to make eye contact with me. thats clear sign she like me.
      and also, in the class, she steals glances towards me

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    • Im 100 % sure, now what do u suggest?

    • I highly doubt it. I would just try talking to her to be honest. You can't expect a girl to like you and not have interacted with her.. That to me just doesn't make sense.

  • No she does not like you! She is only looking at you wondering "Whats wrong with that guys nose?"


What Guys Said 1

  • You are overthinking.