Quite shy and not had a serious relationship before any advice?

I've always been really shy and that is started to build up as anxiety quite a bit which has stopped me talking to boys so much and so I've never really had a serious relationship before. So has anyone got any advice that might help?


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  • Yes, this is definitely the story of my life. I've never had a relationship, and I can bet that I've never even had an official date. I would bet every time I hanged out with a girl, it was just as friends or even in a "get me a free meal" scenario.

    Yes, I know the anxiety. It sucks to be shy. It sucks to think (or know) that you'll most certainly fail. It sucks to feel that the other person isn't interested in you.

    But you have one BIG advantage over me: You're a woman.

    Most of the time you don't do the chase. Men are supposed to do it first and then you decide if he's worth it.

    I would suggest you change your appearance. New hairstyle, new clothes, new makeup, perhaps hitting the gym or talking to some of your friends to introduce you someone... Who knows, maybe "the new you" attracts somebody and you don't have to do the first step. Also, by revamping yourself you also gain a big boost in self-confidence. It's about feeling good enoough with yourself and to believe you can do anything :)


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  • i can relate to that. once you find a guy you really like and you are about to cut it off because you're afraid. tell him that. i have been there. stopped talking to guys because i simply was afraid of it. and i pushed myself to say it to him and he helped me trust him. I let him in and learned that there is nothing to be afraid of. JUST DO IT. i know it's easier to say but i've done it and i will never regret it.

    and you should not be worried. Op ieder potje past een dekseltje. it's dutch for: there is someone for everyone.


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  • you are too young, i think you will find someone

  • Shyness is one of quality a lot of guys would admire in a girl. try to be a bit eye candy, it will get you attention. but in my opinion you are so young to be concerned about it.


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