What can I do for him to trust me and believe me?

I have been talking to this guy for three months now. We will go on our first date in September. So lately I have noticed that ever since he asked me for a favor, it seemed like he changed. When we talk we always have long conversations and we always laugh but now it's like he barely talks, we still do talk everyday but it just doesn't seem like the same guy I enjoyed talking to. I really do like him, we're taking it slow, but I know he wants to be with me and I want to be with him. (we had this conversation last week), but sometimes it's like he doesn't trust me and he knows I don't judge and he knows my past. When he asked for the favor, I didn't even hesitate, I told him let me see what I can do and I found a way and helped him. It could be nothing but it just seems like something is wrong, he's the type that feels alone and I just want him to know that he's not. I know that he had a lot of hard times before we met, but I honestly don't care about his past, I just want to be by his side no matter what and I proved it. But it still doesn't seem like he believes me.
By the way when he asked for the favor, he was saying " I didn't want to ask and I'm sorry that I'm asking this but I just really need your help". He also said, " I will love you forever" I told him he didn't have to say the love part because i will always help you. So I'm hoping that didn't seemed harsh or anything but I did tell him how I truly felt about him, that's why I told him he didn't have to say " I will love you forever"
When he asked for the favor this happened two weeks ago.


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  • just tell him you will love him forever too

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    • how dare decide to date someone tried to commit suicide?

    • Well we were just friends when I found out but I ended up falling for him, we understand each other and we have this bond and connection.

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  • What was the favour?

    • money for food. He's staying with a friend and the money he does make he gives it to his friend and I guess he didn't have enough money for food

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    • *me
      he's not a catfish

    • Lmao your avatar picture 😂😂

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