How often should you contact a guy when you give them space, whilst dating?

Dating a guy for a couple of months now. We met online. Things are going well, and we see each once or twice a week (we live about 30 minutes apart - he drives, I don't) Anyway, I've come across several articles about giving a guy space and there's no real explanation about how a woman should behave contact-wise; should the woman lessen her contact with him? Should she let him initiate contact?

When I mean "space" in sense of the word, I mean within a relationship - not when a guy intends on saying it to reevaluate his options/situation/feelings and possibly breaking it off.

This probably sounds like an stupid question, but I'm seeking for some specifics if possible.


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  • Stop dating him. He will want to continue having that space and you're obviously not OK with it. He's not for you.


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  • Yes, but don't do it intentionally.

    If you see his message, respond. Don't make him wait just to "give him space".

    Would you want him to do the same to you? He has been dating you for a while and really seems to like you (few months of LDR is showing that).

    - - - So, yes, he does need space but don't do it intentionally. Just don't send several texts in a row each time you message him. Be chill and just relax about it. Overthinking (in cases like this) are usually the opposite of helpful.

    (Little over 4 years in a LDR)

    • Thanks for the opinion - did you mean you're in a LDR or me?

    • Oh, that was about myself. Little over 4 years in a LDR.

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