Difference between a high sex drive and wanting to hookup only?

He just found out I like him back. Before he found out, he says he wanted a relationship, complimented me- not once was there EVER a "friends with benefits" vibe.
But now he's going a lot further with the pics (moving from strictly ab pics to questioning more). It just... I don't know. It's a switch. So help would be awrsome.


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  • you wouldn't know if you have a high sex drive unless you are consistently having sex with him. At this stage he's just a horny teenager who wants to experiment with all these new feelings that he has going on. I don't really trust guys or girls at that young age. Guys who are horny and just looking to hookup would say anything to get in your pants. It is fine if you feel that way about him, as in you want just sex too. but if you're looking for a relationship, then I would take things slowly. Pictures and stuff are fine, but definitely wait until you really get to know him before you give him your body

    • So it's actually better... at this point... to only send pictures?
      Because I've always heard wait until after to send pics... blah blah blah.
      But we've already gone to a certain "so far" with the pics and he says he wants a relationship, consistently and very clearly, but I don't know...

    • pictures is fine. just don't show your face. I would wait a bit longer. to see if he's serious about you. of course tell him that you like him and that you just want to wait. so he won't think you don't like him

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