Guys, in the initial stages of dating, what are things girls do that signal too much interest or "coming on too strongly" or looking desperate?


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  • Talking about babies and marriage, wanting to check his phone and social media, checking where he is all the time. But that's extreme stuff. If you're wondering whether you come across as too desperate if you don't play hard to get or don't wait before you reply to his messages then the answer is no.

    • Well I mean like asking him to hang out first and showing that you like him or sending a few back to back messages if one isn't answered

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    • So it doesn't look bad if a female sends multiple messages? As long as they're not like crazy or revealing, but more like "hey" or saying something else like that

    • No, that doesn't look bad, in fact you have to do that because otherwise only very pushy types of guys will keep pursueing you.

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