Is he already lost interest?

So I met this guy online yesterday. He messaged me first, he gave me his cell first, so we texted back and forth entire afternoon yesterday.

We exchanged more pictures of each other, he complimented me like I have beautiful eyes and face, I'm his type. and I think we pretty much clicked well talking about our hobbies, interests and stuff it was a good conversation... at least that's how I felt.
He stopped replying for my last text and it wasn't biggie, we're talking each other the whole afternoon so I didn't mind.

Here's the thing, we both use iPhone, and he set up his phone this way where you send a text to him and once he reads it, it indicates on the bottom so you know the receiver (he)'s read the message.
It still says he hasn't read my message (but the message was definitely delivered bc it says so) so I was like ok whatever,, he's busy, he lost his phone, some shit happens and he'll figure out.

Today comes, and he still hasn't checked my message.
And I noticed that he just checked on the dating site.
So I'm thinking he wasn't really that into me and he just moving on?
Should I just give it a few days if he texts me and if not just move on?
What's the deal here? I thought he found me attractive and fun we had a great conversation.

What's your thought on this?

Ok now I just checked the dating website again, and he deleted his account...


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  • he is as ass , wants you to want him! and it is working!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Maybe he just felt like the conversation wasn't striking enough and he got bored. Definitely keep your options open.


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  • He an ass


What Girls Said 2

  • Meh. If he messages he messages. If he doesn't there are plenty of other guys around.

  • Give it some time. You just met him yesterday. He'll probably text you soon

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