A little advice with people and dating?

Before I left for the trip I am on, to The UK, my mother told me I might "find a girl and fall in love" here. Other than freak me out, this also puts tremendous stress on me, because of the tone in her voice she had. It was the tone of someone telling someone who really doesn't want to do a specific thing, to do that specific thing.

I feel dating and that jazz is all well and good, but someone TELLING me to find love in about a week? No thank you. I haven't the best history with connecting with other people. I always fuck it up in one way or another. And this is just friends. Imagine that, with a long-distance relationship, AND pressure from my family to be happy with it. I will never be happy with a long-distance relationship because of how needy I am for affection.

Yeah, I'm asexual and don't want sex in my life, but I like cuddling as much as anyone! I do get bouts of just absolutely requiring cuddles. It's awful. And someone 11000 kilomeaway couldn't help me out with that.

I haven't any problems with his other than the fact that I was basically told to have a relationship with someone who I barely know, and keep it up and running for a good amount of time.

Either that, or she wanted me to hook up with someone.

What are your thoughts on this matter? I'd love to hear them!!!


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  • There should be a dating app for that

  • I think it was more of a saying. That you might, because that'd be romantic af, but I digress I belive she just meant it as more of a joke. That's at least how I would think of it if my mom told me that.


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  • i think it was a throw away remark most parents would say to their son going on a trip of a lifetime but you have taken it far to seriously. just forget it and enjoy our shitty weather