Hi I'm 16 years. old and I'm gonna be a senior in high school. My bestfriend is a guy and we both like each other but I don't know. Should I date him?

The problem with if I want to date him is his family is Indian and they are very strict with their children dating.
But he told me that his sister had a few boyfriend and she never got caught.
but I don't know if I should risk our friendship and the chance of him getting in trouble if he gets caught.
please help me after my last crush-trophe I don't want to risk it

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  • Don't date him

  • I'm a 15 year old indian boy. My parents would be upset if they saw me dating someone, especially if they are white. However, you can keep your interactions inside the school and keep it low key. By that, I mean don't post it or let anyone post a pic of you two together.

    • That's kind of hard to do because we hang out with a group of friends all the time
      Like literally and they are social media Freaks!

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    • good luck

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