How can I tell if a woman likes me?

Okay if I'm sitting at a Table in a Restaurant like Olive Garden and I see a Beautiful woman sitting across from me and I notice that she's looking at me Certain ways and stuff How can I be absolutely one hundred percent sure that she's interested in getting to know me as a person? and then later on in the week going out on a Date I have a tough time reading signals and stuff that's why I'm looking for information on this very topic.


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  • Well if she is looking at you, she's interested. It's really that simple.


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  • Hey, this is the age old question "Does she like me" - the best way to find out is to invite her on a date. get her number and give her a call after 5 days, if she agrees to the date and turns up its a good start. watch her body launguage, does she do thinks like toutching your arm, does the conversation flow easy. after about an hour finnish the date, wait 5 days and then ask her out again. if your still not sure by the end of the 3rd date go in for the kiss. if she kisses you on the mouth then she does like you and well done (most guys done get this far with her), if she turns her head then your OUT.

    Good Luck

  • You guys make eye contact more than once and when you look over there she looks away because she doesn't want you to catch looking at you

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