What does she think of me?

So I met this girl a while ago and we only saw each other 3 times or so. At that time this girl had a boyfriend but now she doesn't anymore. This girl is currently at a 3 months during holiday in Australia, she will be back within a month. A month of two ago we started texting. We had some pretty nice conversations and things seemed like it was going all in the right direction. We had long lasting conversations, she asked me if I'd text her again soon, we sent each other the kissy face😘 and she used a lot of blush emoticons😊. After a few weeks of texting she also started conversations. I asked her if she wanted to do something fun with me when she gets back, her answer was "yes, sounds fun!".

Anyway, it feels like things are changed since a short time. She doesn't start conversations anymore, she takes longet to reply, she doesn't use the emoticons anymore and she doesn't put the "x" after messages anymore. I didn't contact her since three days but I messaged her this morning, she didn't respond yet.

What do to? Do you all think she is interested or not? Should I give up on texting her and let go? I so don't know what to do. I'm afraid things look good right now but that she'll be friendzoning me when she gets back. Maybe she's friendzoning me already? What to do?


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  • hm it's hard to really tell... um it seems like she is losing interest in you but she could really like you but don't want to be too clingy or seem desperate. If i were you i'd make my move and see if she's interested. that's the only way you truly know by asking

    • Thanks for the reply! That's what I'm thinking as well, it looks like she's losing interest. What exactly do you mean by making my move?

    • let her know you are interested take out and tell her... see what happens

  • She no longer thinks of you and she is no longer interested. You should let her go.


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