Did my date go well?

Had a date with a woman who is almost 20 years older than me today. We met on my lunch. I had an hour.

She showed up and:

-Engaged in conversation and laughed
-Went over the time we were supposed to meet (I get an hour for lunch) by a half hour
-Let me touch her hands and when I told her to feel my hand and rubbed them
-Didn't hesitate to go to sexual topics.
-Badmouthed her husband whom she is going to divorce saying he is "good for nothing"
-She had her toes painted newly and got a babysitter for her kids just for this.


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  • She could be looking for something different to you. She could reconcile with her husband. He could use her phone/email/whatever to arrange a meeting with you and give you a right hiding. Be careful.

    • I have thought of this, actually. Luckily I'm crazy careful when I meet in person.