I have never been so confused about a guy in my life!!! Is he into me or not?

So I have been on two sort of dates with this guy. (He initiated both times) Both times we went out to a bar with his friends and then came back to one of their houses and spent the night together. No sex yet but everything else. He knows I like him and he has told me he likes me. We have talked about his future plans to go back to school, his family, and we really have a great time when we are together. He seems to care a lot about me, is always reassuring me that he's a good guy and things like that. He also is NOT selfish in bed if you know what I mean. However he hardly texts me at all. If I text him he always replies almost immediately, and once I didn't text him all day to see if he would text me first. He did but not until about ten that night, I was asleep so I didn't reply. The next day I text him to tell him why I didn't respond and he never text me back... So I kind of figured maybe he was busy or just didn't feel like texting back (he's a terrible texter) or maybe he had lost interest which is fine. Then today he came into the bank where I work to pay a bill... He had to drive by a branch of our bank that is much closer to his house to get to my branch. So basically it would have been more convenient for him to go to a different branch but he chose to come to mine. He knew I would be there as well so it wasn't an accident. He waved at me and said hello and then said goodbye to me as he left, acted super friendly. So after he left I texted him a flirty message about him looking cute today and he replied immediately... But when I texted back I never got a response. Also it bothers me that he hasn't asked me on a solo date yet but I get that he may want to get to know me a little better first. What is the deal with this guy? If he wasn't interested surely he would be avoiding me at all costs right? Not coming by my work and waving at me. Is he interested, playing hard to get, a terrible texter, not interested? My mind is blown. HELP.

UPDATE: Well last night the guy text me at almost 10pm asking me to come "chill" with him and his friends. He had been at the bank that day so he could have asked me then but he didn't... And we all know that means it's a last minute booty call. so I politely let him know I wasn't the booty call type and that wasn't what I was looking for and guess what? No reply. Well time to move on. Looking forward to finding the man that I deserve.


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  • Try to not overthink everything. He seems interested. You should relax and let things play out. Don't be hasty. If you really want to speed things up you should ask him in person if he would like to go on a date with you. Don't do it over the phone cause he doesn't look like a guy who likes to text.

    • I know! I'm doing my best but It's tough lol.

    • I hope everything turns out alright 😉

  • I'd say he's quite interested in you but not very interested in texting:) And there's nothing preventing _you_ from asking _him_ out for your first solo date.