Is he uninterested in seeing me again?

We've had sex a couple times we've gone on some great dates our personalities match up perfectly and he has been so sweet doing nice things for me and has respectable to me even after sex. He even has told me ideas for future dates but he hasn't said when. Well he had a rough 48 hours at work and I didn't hear from him but he message me and apologized for not responding sooner. After a couple texts about his license being reinstated I ask "come get me lol" he said "I would but I have a long weekend ahead 😣" and he went to bed. This morning I message him again and said well if you find time It'd be nice to see you but it's entirely up to you and either way I hope you have a stress free day at work and I'll ttyl. He hasn't gotten ahold of me yet he might reply he might not but he hasn't asked to see me and while he is still maintaing contact it's not much noting sweet in a few days and seems I'm coming in last. Granted he's working he's a busy guy and has never been a great communicator we have pursued each other equally and I'm being as patient as possible but I figured if he was truly interested he'd find a way. I really don't want to screw this up though and hoping for the best!


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  • Chill out, go do something... quit obsessing. You literally say in your post he was going to be busy this weekend. just chill.

    • I keep bouncing back and forth between busy or uninterested. I hope I'm dwelling over nothing, but as a guy is what I said a good response to send to someone that may actually want to see me or did I look needy or off putting?

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    • I think you would be fine messaging him later, when you know he's out of work. and just saying "Hey. want to talk for a bit"

      Another thing to remember too, some people don't look at their phone that often. For example I've not seen a text for over 24 hours just because I didn't hear the notification, or my phone was on silent.

      It's just hard to know for sure just from a few delayed texts if someone is not interested, because it's an unreliable way for instant communication. And I don't think you should stress yourself out because of it.

    • I don't want to bug him or seem desperate for his attention and yeah he has a computer in the office of his work he jumps on during the day he checks that more often than his phone because he will be on and off throughout the day. But I've seen this guy put his phone down and not even acknowledge he has it or where it even went and he's in charge of the property of his company so it maybe hard to figure out when would be a good time to even text. I did appreciate that he did text me and apologize for not responding sooner last night though.

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  • If he's not actively pursuing you and asked you out on dates or at the very least tries to contact you often,, he's not that interested. Unless he's literally busy at work the entire day and has no free time in any way shape or form, he will find a moment to talk if you're a priority. I doubt you did anything to screw up. Sounds like he's just not commited enough to put in a effort.

    • See that's what I was thinking, yeah he has been at work and is a higher up so he has a lot of responsibilities but he jumps on Facebook on and off throughout the day but can't respond to me. Yeah he's bad at texting but there's a limit. I figured leaving the ball in his court probably was the best solution that way he knows I want to see him but he can chose whether he wants to or not.