A guy wants to wait before we have sex. What does it mean?

So I've been dating this guy for 2 weeks now and yesterday was our 3rd date. It was in his place. He's touching me while we're watching and things get hot. I can see that he so crazy to have sex with me but then suddenly he said we should wait for a bit before we do it. I mean I'm totally agree but this is the first time I met a guy that wants to wait for a while for sex. He's an Arab but born and grew up in US and I'm Asian. He's not religious and even do not consider himself as Muslim. We're in Middle East now but here people are very liberal and casual sex are accepted. Is this mean he wants a serious relationship? When I jokingly said that we should wait 1 yr before sex he answered me if he will wait that long he will break up with me now. Well I know it's a joke but I don't know that we're already in a relationship. Does men joke about that? I mean I'm very cautious with jokes about relationship because I don't want my partner to assume something. Does these means he's thinking I'm already his girlfriend?


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  • There could be a few possibilities here. Have a more serious talk with him about it, jokes aside, and find out. It's only your 3rd date though so I wouldn't worry too much about it.


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  • It's only the 3rd date and because you have been seeing each other for 2 weeks, there is no guarantee. It means he respect you enough to take it slow. He prolly sees a future with you as of now but again, it is too early and he still wants to get to know you before being intimate with you. As for the relationship part, just say you had no idea you both were exclusive, since he didn't ask you whether you two are official or not.


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  • Where are you in the Middle East where it's Liberal? really curious. Some guys just take sex really seriously. I don't think it sounds like it has anything to do with you. But yeah it sounds like he wants you.

    • Bahrain to be exact. It's like the Amsterdam of the Middle East. I hope Dutch wouldn't mind my comparison. They do prostitution here on a broad day light. Anyway thanks for the answer.

    • Oh wow! I wasn't expecting that to be where you live, so it's surprising to hear. is that only in like the bad/poor areas, or is it just everywhere? If it's only in bad areas or clubs that'd be like NYC over here in the USA.

    • Mostly in bad areas but there's also in some middle class district. You wouldn't like to go out during weekend here because bahrain is full of Saudis and drunk people. Although clubs here doesn't have pole dancers. Only sexy singers. Anyway it's very open country.

  • Its probably because he still has a few more weeks of STD treatment to get before he can bang you on his freshly polished STD free meat chopper. Just be patient!

    • Lol! I'm actually thinking he's a virgin

    • Or one of these guys with a two inch willie who's ball bag drops down to their knee caps. They do exist I seen them

    • 😅 nah! I've touched it. It's almost the same size with my arms

  • I think he just wants to take things a bit slow cuz he doesn't wanna screw up. Just talk to him about it

  • Was his heart broken before you came into his life?

    • I'm not sure. I do not ask about his past relationships.

    • it seems as if he had his heart broken and wishes not take that step yet or that he respects and likes you too much and sees you as someone special so decides to be cautious and take things slow so that they go well.

      Good things come to those who are Patient ;)

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