The smell of your SO?

Are you also addicted to the smell of your partner? Whenever i smell a person that im in love with im instantly turned on. Also it feels like im 'home' when i smell them..

I recently broke up with my boyfriend and i feel like one of the things i miss the most is his smell.


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  • This is common in females. It is an evolved mechanism in the female brain.

    • Oh. Do you know why?

    • Females use smell to establish bonds - in particular with offspring. This is common among mammals. Females overall are more susceptible to smells - such as being wary of smells in the home environment for something that might be wrong like a sick person or intruding animal. Females, caring for the home environment, are simply more hypersensitive to threats or anything abnormal in the home environment. It's the same basis for "women's intuition".

    • Oh okay. That makes sense. Thank you😃

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  • My boyfriend moved to Dubai two weeks ago for the next 4 months and before he left he gave me his hoodie that he had sprayed with his aftershave so it would smell like him lol. Having the scent of someone you love around is a very comforting thing, and it's completely normal for you to miss that. Hope you're doing okay, I know how tough break ups can be. Stay strong!

    • It's cute that he did that :) and thank you

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  • I don't think I could fall in love with a smell simply because it was the way my girlfriend smelled. I don't think every person has their own unique smell anyway.

    Although I'm currently single, there are certain scents I already like, such as vanilla, strawberry, and cinnamon. So if my future girlfriend wore perfume especially with those scents, I'd love it. Otherwise if just be neutral to the way she smelled (unless she had BO, in which case I'd have a problem with it).

    • Actually scientists say that you can smell of your genes are compatible with hers

    • If you are talking about pheromones: Yes, we all have different pheromones, but we can only recognize them on a subconscious level. We can't identify who is who if we were sniffing two people blindfolded.

    • Im not only talking about pheromones. I know what genes are haha. Im talking about actually being able to smell out a partner's genes (of course on a subconscious level)

  • You just smell his farts

    • Haha its not his farts that i Miss

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