Is this normal for a guy to do?

So I dated this guy for about a year and its safe to say that we were each others 1st loves and pretty much 1st everything, we had a pretty bad break up and now I'm wanting to be friends but he's kinda being a prick about it and being real nasty about not wanting me to be in his life...right just a week or 2 after us breaking up he found a different girl and claims that he likes her more then he ever has me and I don't know that is very hard for me to believe because we did share a lot and we've been thro so many things together that made our bond real strong and this just a normal thing for a guy to do when they're hurt, to hurt the person that I guess has hurt them?


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  • Yea, guy's brains got heavily polluted.

    Basing on personal experience/knowledge: it's pretty rare thing to keep "friendship" (it's not actually friendship, but let's call it so) with your 1st girl/boy. It might appear after few years, but when you just broke up, don't expect that.

    And regarding his "new" girl. I even doubt he has a new girl. Ask him if her name is "Right Hand". Guy is just stupid, maybe blames himself for your break up and he can't find any other way to release his aggression/anger, so he's mean to you.

    First real break up is always hard.

  • he's rebounding to try to cope with the pain. he doesn't really like this girl. he's in denial


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