Do Asian guys like girls not of their race? If so, what's your preference?

I've seen some get really squeamish on dating a non-asian girl.


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  • I personally am find with almost every race. The only deal breaker is if the person is inconsiderate and never owns up to their own mistakes. Other wise I'd be willing to date a girl from any race.

    PS: I'm Korean currently dating a very non Asian so thats my amount of experience on this topic xD.

    • Thank you so much for replying, I've been quite curious as my Aunt is Korean though my uncle and I are not, she even said many Asian men like to follow their race

    • That is a bad sterotype its the opposite of that. Just watch almost any school genre anime.

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  • Usually when I see an Asian men dating outside of his race, its usually a white girl, my former boss was Asian and his girlfriend is white


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