About texting. Is it me or the guys? Is this happen to you guys as well?

So this is the fifth-ish guy who was close to me but then "disappeared".

Guys who were interested in me all tend to block me, unfriend me or never replay my msgs anymore. Even they were following me, chasing me for every long time before. Or how many times they have told me - you are so beautiful or hot!

Not matter if they were my ex-boyfriend, someone who liked me or someone I liked, the most extreme example is my 6 years long ex -he cheated on me with a random girl and then he blocked me, I am so confused, i mean if anyone should block anyone, it should be me doing that, not him, am I wrong about it?

There are some other guys after my ex, they somehow don't like me to show too much interest, no matter if they like me or I like them- if I text them every day, they disappear for sure!

I am very annoyed now, why the hell a girl cannot text someone who she thinks there is a chance between you two? why is this so scary to guys? I mean It's not like I text them stance like "I love you " after a day we met. It's usually just some funny jokes or invitation for parties or nights out. And sometimes it's not even I am in love with them so much- it's just who I am, an outgoing happy 27 years old girl who likes to talk. And I am pretty sure they know that from very beginning when they first time met me.

I mean we are not mid-twentyish anymore and still so much into push- pull games right? all these guys are like between 28-35, very successful at their careers, seem all have brains as well- shouldn't they be mature already? or should I sit at home and don't say a word but just wait them to contact me like when I was 20?

Puff, I cannot believe I am asking this question... Jesus... But yea, thanks for read and hope I am not the only one here.


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  • Just learn to trust them as not everyone lives by their phone in their free time. We all have our separate lives, the real secret to relationships is being able to handle the crap both parties give one another.

  • Are you refusing to meet in person? If you do meet, are you refusing to put out? Are you refusing to send titty pics when asked? Are you befriending the wrong type of guys? Many, many reasons why a guy could go ghost on you.


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