I like his looks but his voice turns me off?

Girls and guys here, please advise me on this. Is it unreasonable to be completely turned off by a guy's voice? There's this guy who likes me; he's absolutely gorgeous-looking, he's kind of a jerk personality-wise but I like it nonetheless. Everything is great... Apart from his voice. Not only is his voice effeminate and high-pitched, but nasal and whiny as well. It's almost as if he's consumed a huge amount of helium and then got a clothes peg and clipped it onto his nose. Like its the sort of voice that grates on you because it's SO annoying. Is it unreasonable if I am completely turned off by his voice? It almost cancels out his looks for me. Girls, have you ever been completely turned off by a guy's voice or the way he talks? Guys, has the same happened to you with a girl? Want to know opinions from both sides here.


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  • Honey... I mean, don't be with someone who annoys you! Even if it's just his voice. And besides, why would you want to be with someone who is, and I quote, "kind of a jerk personality-wise"?

    • Haha you have a point! He's not really a JERK jerk but he's one of those cocky confident obnoxious types so he sometimes comes across as a 'jerk' even though he's actually alright.

    • Ahh yeah, I get it! But still, think about it, you'll never be with this guy for real if his voice is that annoying to you, right? You just have to ask yourself if it's something you can overlook and be fine with. If not, then it's not even worth it to give false hopes to this guy and to yourself.

  • YES! This has totally happened to me it didn't work out I just couldn't imagine him saying anything sexy with that voice in bed

    • Ahaha I get you girl. It's almost comical trying to imagine him saying anything sexy 😂

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