Girls, How long should the no contact rule last on a girl who broke up with me due to her having a busy life as a nurse?

so far its been a 8 days no contact it was all going well about to go on 4th date but she had to cancel last minute due to having to work. I got a bit annoyed and said if you want to take things slow we need to communicate more. Then she turned got really angry and said we can't take things further atm due to her being really busy with her nursing career and placement. Which was odd as on last date we made out, she both admitted we had feelings for each other and she even agreed that a relationship could work if one of us drove.

My last fb message has been read a week ago but she has not responded i have not kept messaging or called her since, I've been advised to do no contact as it should give her time to regret her decision and miss me, i wanted to know the best course of action as it wasn't exactly a break up more of a put on hold lol

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  • 30 Days
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  • 45 Days
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To add she has not been back on the dating site at all and she's been unusually quiet on social media as she loves to post all the time. After this mini break up she went radio silent for at least 9 days


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  • A month.