Can someone help me?

Okay talking to in prison and I am not to full deal back ground about me and him it because it just to long. But the reason why I am writing this is because I haven't heard from and I sent him a email letter through jpay 23rd and and I sent me email that I got on the 25th and when I look at the email he showed a date that said 23rd 6:48pm but I did not his email until 25th. The same day I sent him letter and I haven't heard from him. It's driving me crazy I know he in prison and can't email back whenever he wants but the other letter was quick and it seems like forever i haven't talk to him. I know when sending the email it said it will take about 24 hours up to 48 days until they see the email. I just want to know has anyone use jpay and it typical waiting this long for received their email?


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    • That doesn't make sense 🤔

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    • He has been prison and need someone to talk to and I date asshole and my friend thought it would be good for us to talk if it become more good and we become friends great and I didn't think i would like him and I did. We both weren't that happy in our lives and until we started talking and now I haven't to him and it is bothering me

    • You shouldn't judge based off one response time.

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  • I don't think you should get involved with a guy who's in prison.