Could a store manager get fired over this?

so yesterday I was at work. A random man went to our works office and stole all my credit and debit cards. He was in and out the store in less than 4 minutes. Thankfully I canceled my cards. The thing is two managers were working up front and doing nothing but talking to each other. They were talking to other people who worked there. The people who handle theft in my company were pissed because he wasn't even paying attention to customers.


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  • Yes report it. Tell his boss he's a lazy ass and not doing his job

    • Haha I did
      The people who handle theft are pissed

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  • Ummm, the guy that stole your cards is the bad guy here.

    What do you think the store should have done? Post a guard/manager in front of the works office just on the off chance that someone may try to steal from it? Have a rule that if only two managers are on duty then they can never ever talk to each other?

    C'mon. Grow up a bit. It sucks that your stuff was stolen but lets remember who the bad guy is... you know... the one that actually stole the stuff, not the two managers talking to themselves when it happened.

    • Didn't say it was their fault
      Not mad at him but the company is mad

    • Do you want the managers fired or do you want them exonerated from any wrong doing?

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  • If there discussion was about customer related things then no... Matter fact. Fire there ass. They should be paying attention for thieves, shop lifters, and robbers. I'd hate be there bf/gf.

    • They were just talking for fun

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    • Hahahaha damn, really. Slandering can also get him sued. But hey if he wants be a fool. I'll be happy to hold his last check.

    • See karma may get him
      I won't say anything, if I get asked more questions about his manger skills and other things he has done
      Just answer questions from that day

  • if they were not doing what they were supposed to, it could happen, a theft is a good way to get corporate to look at cameras

    • Corporate did look at the cameras because they're taking action after the situation
      Plus the managers always just sit around

  • They should be disciplined for not paying attention.

  • Yes they got really luck in the same 4 minutes some people could plant a bug and later hack your system and steal every person that shopped there's credit card numbers

    • That's true
      That would be crazy

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