Boyfriend doesn't take me out, we meet at my home only. I don't trust so much is it ok in relation to what I wrote?

We r together 2 months.. We spend every day together, but always in my home. We went out once, yesterday, for 20 mins, coz after they closed club. Next one was still open and his friends were there, but he said we r going home. I know he has plenty friends but till now I met one of them only. tonight he went to club again without me of course. But I don't know how can I trust him he told me a lot of stuff about him, in club takes drugs etc. But he said he will never do nothing coz he has me. He was always like a dog for meat to women, and we were talking about this but still, I can not trust with behaviour like this at the beginning. Plus we never gone to his house, he said his mum has room next to him (but he is 28?) and so common he sleeps at mine. I really do like him , we r talking about everything but still even when I'm saying to him I don't like when he is going out without me, doesn't take me nowhere, his answer is that I shouldn't push him, when he will want we will go. Now I'm afraid coz a lot of my friends knew him somehow, and everyone warned me to be careful with him. But he is cool when we r together. I don't know what to do. He knows about my previous relationship when my ex fiancé was cheating on me, but he said he will never do that to me.


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  • Stop putting out unless he takes you out.

    • We don't do too much... Mostly he treat me as house wife and always waiting till I will cook for him

    • Forget my earlier comment. You need to dump his sorry ass,

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  • Ok so you don't trust him. He takes drugs. People have warned you about him. He doesn't want to be seen with you in public. Why exactly are you even with him? You could do better than that.