I want to find a guy for this nice girl where should I look?

Criteria : Witty, confident but not arrogant, loves God, patient, treats people kind, nice smile stuff like that.

Bonus points : 6 feet nice hair dark complexion rock hard abs... The works

No trolling or fooling around this is serious.
Nb she is 30 abd virgin


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  • It has to be some one you know very well, who is friendly, trust worthy and honest. Not just some random guy off the street (Not literally its just a metaphor) or like on some cheesy dating website, it has to be thought into and needs some effort put into it. Because you don't want some jerk to do something you didn't expect and break her heart.

    • True so where would I find a person like that I'm kinda fresh out of those guys September she'll be 31 and I kind want her to be talking to someone where something great can become of the relationship

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