Im 18 years old considering dating a 42 year old

I have always been considered an old soul, and have always gotten along better with older people than people my own age. me and him get along very well, we have lots in common, and we love each other. but I'm very nervous about telling my parents I'm dating some one only 7 years younger than them. help me. what should I do? how should I let people know how I feel?

OK, were going to try to meet after my graduation should I sneak out or try to find a way to tell my parents?


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  • Tell 'em: "I'm legal, stay out of it!" or ... just don't tell them. It's not their business; if you feel compelled to tell them though make sure you've been in the relationship for a while so that when they think "Ew, predator" you at least have some backing, like time or tribulation, rather than just giving them fuel for their persecutions and disapproval.

    That's assuming they will.

  • do what feels right to you


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