Girls, why are most of you not friendly to a guy you dont know?


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  • A lot of us are scared about the guys personality or what he thinks of us so we just sit on the sidelines or if he does talk to us we try to protect ourselves, especially if we have had a bad past with guys and sometimes it seems that we are being rude but 99.9% of the time we really aren't trying to be.

    • unfortunately, most men take it as being rude and you guys get a bad reputation for being mean and rejecting me a lot for any and every reason. Im considering giving up on women cause I've been so disguisted with your responses and tired of hearing no. Im not igly and dont appreciate being rejected a lot as if i am.

  • ... Because I don't know them. Lol
    I'll be polite. That's about it.

    • So how do late bloomer guys like me get dates with girls being afraid of meeting a new guy? Right now, i haven't been on a date since February and getting tired of hearing no from women for every and any reason. Also, women have given me fake nunbers, a real number and not responded, and deleted me on facebook. Tell women to stop doing these things and start being more friendly and approachable. They cause me to want to throw in the towel with women and their BS when it comes down to looks and money.

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    • Not scared. Just not interested.
      Go somewhere where people go to get dates?
      We don't have to be more friendly or approachable if we don't want to. Especially if we don't want to get approached?
      Throw down the towel if you want. Idc

    • Where do single women go to get dates? I've approached women all over the country and 90% of women out are mean. Why are most women mean? Do women want to die alone or cause me to die alone for refusing to say yes consistently? What happened to honest good girls, where the hell are they and why are women so unapproachable? I need help, im sexually frustrated, angry, and tired of spending nights and weekends alone!

  • Obviously because it's a new person, we don't know them, and in a world where guys tend to get the wrong message, we're cautious

    • Women have it so easy in dating, all you have to do is look hot and you can get any man to approach you. We men on the other had have it harder, we have to approach and experience rejection a lot before a girl says yes to a date and even then the girl can turn us down after 1-2 dates and we may not het one for over a year after that and women dont care about us or want to talk to us most of the time after the rejection.

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