He wants me to meet his friends after 2nd dates, I couldn't join them and then he ignores me?

We had 2 dates within a week, we had a third date set up but he wants to meet before that, I let him know that I'm very busy.

On Friday night he text me at night and ask me to join him and his guy friends at a bar near my place. It was a last minute invite and I was already tired from my day and I got a busy weekend planned so I told him no but next time I will join them.

The next day he hinted to meet by asking me how is my busy weekend going and telling me he is just relaxing now and asked me what should he do. I was with friends and didn't read his message until a few hours later. I responded with something funny then I haven't heard from him since.

He usually would look for reasons to text me couple of times during the day. Should I assume the third date is off?


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  • It's hard to say but you did nothing wrong, he must like you if he wants you to meet his friends but he sounds a little pushy but I wouldn't say the third date is off yet

    • Yes he was very pushy, we agreed third date to be next week but he insist to meet on weekend.. then he asked for last minute on both Friday and sat.. then just went poof.. I'm not sure if I should follow up?

      As I know that if he wants to text me he would look for excuses to.. now that he is quiet im not sure if I take it as his vanishing act...

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    • If he went from super attentive to hard to get does that mean I lost already? Like the relations hop is not heading to wafa good direction?

    • Won't know till tomorrow I guess

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  • ... I responded with something funny then I haven't heard from him since...
    In Reading More in Store that is Starting to put a Small Sour ball in my Own Mouth, not just His, things don't Appear here, dear, to be Getting started in this New direction with Being on the Same page, but Instead... He said, She said.
    From the Writing on the wall and Al, the First and second Dates seemed to have gone off with a good hitch, which in turn is Allowing now a Third date. However, a "Last minute Invite" was Not an Early bird call but instead a "Last call" as they say in the bar business, and not something anyone should have to just Jump on. He was out with friends, and probably expected you to just drop everything an dcome running. And if you had, hit wold have showed his friends and even hium that you arethe kind of girl who comes running when he snaps his fingers. This is Unaccepted. Yes, maybe it Entasiled you meeting his buds but it wad not likea "PLanned night" to Meet them Appropriately nor Properly.
    As far as his own Sarcasm which I can read in his voice and with his "Busy" Beaver Attitude he was Giving to you, apparently you got "Wise Mouth" yourself to him, enough where he is Not answering to you now. I see Things more Clearly now that I have it all in Writing.
    Contact him and just be Light and Sweet. At this point, no Need to Stand on Ceremonies. You both need to sit down and perhaps Compromise in away where in getting to Know one another, no Misunderstandings. Take it Slow with Baby steps, but No "He said, She said," it is Not going Well in this Direction.
    If you want a "Third Date," First Open Lines of Communication. I think there was some Wise Guy Wires crossed and Now... Each of You are Cross.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks sister. Actually we planned Hurd date 4 days ahead. However the friend thing and next day were last minute.

      My concern was also is he just trying to show his friends I would go last minute? To be fair he invited at 8 pm Friday night. He might thought I would have finished dinner with my friends and on my way home and that place is near me.

      Also when he said "how's your busy weekend going?" He said that with a smiley face not sure if it makes any difference?

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    • lol!! I don't know about F*off, but maybe that you don't take him seriously or think he is a class clown. lolxx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • He prolly thinks you are not interested. If you are, you're free to reach out anytime. He doesn't always have to be the one to keep in touch first