How do I get this guy to leave me alone?

I told him I have a lot going n and I don't have time to focus on anyone else. he didn't listen

Then I took it up a notch and said " I am in love with my ex aND we are getting back together to work things out "

Still , texts how beautiful he thinks i am. So i told him I see you as a friend. I have a man. I plan on spending my life with him. I'm not interested in cheating. I'm happy.
He tells me he can make me happier. So I tell him no thanks. This continues on and on and on. I. honestly have no idea how else to say I AM NOT INTERESTED. Please help

I blocked him, I hate blocking people because it's rude, but he needed to be blocked


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  • Just block his number finally, he will never get the hint


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  • Give him an answer that is basically saying that if he doesn't get it, there's no point in talking to him, if trying to get with you is his intention anyway. Then if he breaks that, you just ignore him or block him even


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  • let him see clearly you have someone else.


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