Is this a good sign? what do you think?

if you and a guy had an argument and haven't talked in a week due to holidays and you keep going back and forth between talking to him and he said he is tired of it and I should be lucky that he is still responding and he said he had to stay back on holidays due to a emergency situation and he said now you don't want to leave lol? (Because of the emergency situation) then I asked him if he was going to message when he for back and he said he was going to wait for what I was going to do and then I asked him if he's happy about my decision and he said yea. (Me talking to him again) Then I asked him when he gets back we should go out and see where this goes and he's like we will see. I think he's hesitant in meeting because we've argued what do you think?


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  • Probably as you've argued it's put him off. You guys need a few days without arguing. Even if it's avoiding the topic

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