No guy will ever like me? :((?

Im really sad because I feel like no guy will ever be interested in me and I am 21 years old. It's starting to really bug me because i see happy couples everywhere and I'm the odd one out, please help? Even though I am thin-5'6 and weigh 125 pounds and wear makeup, I still do not get that much attention from guys.


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  • Oh you poor thing. I would love you and give you the attention you deserve and hold you.
    I'm Jeb Bush, and I endorse this message.


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  • ohhh poor you. maybe THATS why they dont like you. your thirsty, needy, insecure, manipulative little ass... .


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  • At 21 dating is tough. You are young enough that there are people who are out there living it up, but you want to be part of a couple so it's hard. I've been there, it was the worst! The only thing you can do is put yourself out there.

    Create a dating profile. Talk to friends, have them set you up, go out and do things, join activities, do some classes. Do things that get you out and meeting new people. You will make new friends and may even find a boyfriend :)

    I think you will find a guy eventually! The worst part is the waiting.