What did my friend mean when he said this?

My close guy friend always tells me i'm a very closed person, and recently we had this conversation.

Him: Can i ask u something?
me: yes?
him : Has anyone spoken to you in such a way that made you want to open up?
me: Open up regarding what?
Him : Open up about your feelings! Open up your heart!
Me: Of course, but i think i became very guarded because i'm afraid of being vulnerable, but once i feel assured, i'm completely open.

What did he mean by open your heart? Is he interested?


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  • He is interested in you but wants to get to know you better and he knows you have a huge wall up. So that is why he is asking that question because it frustrates him so much.

  • No, I don't think so. He probably thinks that you're an introvert and that you don't like talking about your feelings in general, that's why he said that, he told you to be more outgoing and less of an introvert.

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