How do I start feeling emotions in my body?

For example when my boyfriend smiles, it makes my stomach flutter as that is my favourite action of his, but when he does other things I still feel great but only feel great in my head, I don't have any intense feeling in any part of my body, like when your stomach flutters or heart beats. How can I make this happen for other things not just the smile?


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  • I'm gon' lie to you the naked truth is that you CAN'T. Seriously you can't make it happen because its like falling in love its you do or you don't. The only maybe is that maybe it will grow on you and it might happen in time but frankly you cannot speed up the process coz its human emotions we're talking about probably one of the most unique things about human being so let nature take its course. Because trying to force/speed it up will only ever end up with one of you getting hurt trust me i know. Hopefully i helped... Good luck.