How to have a great, sexy first kiss?

I just started dating a new guy and we've been out a couple times. We're both nervous/indecisive types so we haven't kissed yet, but it's going well. I'm not sure he's going to make the first move, so how can I initiate the first kiss and leave him wanting more? (What should I say, do, etc.)


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  • If you initiate it he's not going to pull back or push you away. If you want to leave him wanting more do it for around 30 seconds then pull away and say "goodnight" and go inside.


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  • Stare at him for a moment when you're done talking, lean towards him slowly and plant him a kiss.


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  • I find garlic does the trick

    • thanks, I'll definitely keep that in mind ;)

    • Yeah it's also a good idea to force your tongue down his throat, who doesn't like gagging on tongues?

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