Did I get ghosted, or could he be scared?

I mean, certainly all of the signs were there with this guy I work with. He really seemed interested in me. He picked on constantly , but always was checking up on me. We shared a lot. Food, drinks, etc... and always was asking me about myself and remembering things i mentioned before or had posted on facebook. Until two weeks ago, I thought maybe he liked me as more than a friend, but wasn't sure. I had heard through another coworker that he had a girlfriend, but has never mentioned here or talked about her. Then, two weeks ago , after a long conversation about anything and everything, he made a move. We made out and admitted a couple of things. Before he left, he said to message him that week. And I did... it took him over a week to read it. Tonight was the first time we've worked together since then. He avoided me as much as possible, and when we did speak, he was short with me. There was no warmth or humor, like normal. I can't believe the complete 180. Right now I feel like an idiot because he made me feel so special all of this time and that night... he touched me like i was the most beautiful person he'd ever touched, it was all about me and what I liked... but based on his attitude towards me tonight, I don't know what to think. I can't reconcile the last two months with how he is acting right now.


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  • Did you confirm whether or not he has a girlfriend? If so that could be why he's distancing himself.

    • Sort of. He made a comment in passing that his girlfriend was at a concert that night... I figured that was it, then. I didn't necessarily expect him to make a move on me after that or tell me that he was in to me.

    • Well, I think you should leave well enough alone instead if setting yourself up for hurt and heartache.

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  • he's a player.
    I dated this guy once, we went out only two times,
    he was very affectionate when we meet, we had great times together, laughed a lot, he wouldn't want to go home when we meet, he kept complimenting me, he sent me morning/night texts and texts through out day.

    and it turned out he was dating multiple girls the same time. this is what players do.

    and you were just a fling to him. He has a girlfriend. and he still did what he did. just forget about this guy and move on. you deserve better. He's a cheater.


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  • The Writing on the wall and All here dear, is Showing me He... Either has a Girlfriend which you Never seemed to have Asked in between the 'Long Conversation,' or he Had a Change of Heart and Grew cold Duck Feet and Now is Hiding in the murky Waters, Way Away from the Water cooler.
    Perhaps it is Time to Pull him Aside and Well... You Decide. Talk Turkey.
    Good luck. xx

  • I am sorry, but I think he is no longer interested in you. He probably decided to work on things with his girlfriend.