Girls, your thoughts on men's attraction?

Aside from physical characteristics, what do you think men are attracted to?

In your search a man that meets your standards, what do you think you bring to the table that keeps his interest?

Are there things that you know men like/want but you refuse to do? If so, why?


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  • I bring me... I don't manufacture emotions and personality traits to seem more attractive to a particular person. I wouldn't want a guy who does that either. If he's into me he is, if he isn't he isn't... it goes both ways. Just because someone has traits I desire doesn't mean that I have what they want and I wouldn't want them to be with me if I wasn't what they wanted either. What I feel I bring to the table doesn't matter it's what they feel that I do. Just because you perceive yourself as having certain traits doesn't mean that everyone else does. Perception is a tricky thing and you really can't pretend to completely understand someone elses.


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  • This will be different for everyone. For my husband I think I brought family. His home was so broken that when my family and I took him in he realized what family was. He realized what dinner around the table was like, what Christmas morning was like, what someone always in your corner was like.

    I think I brought independence that he appreciated.

    Other than that I don't really know. I'm just a regular chick.

  • A man never met my standards soo

    • Outstanding contribution!!


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    • it's absolutely your fault. You're the one that set your standards. They didn't just come out of thin air. Additionally, you didn't answer any of the other questions.

    • Seriously it's NOT MY FAULT if many 2016 boys had become complete trashs lol Classic boys don't exist anymore & it's sad

  • I'm crushing on this gorgeous man right now. He's always dated highly smart women with average to below average looks. I know he wants the best. That includes good looks and intelligence. Kinda sad he's only interested in me, because of my looks and I'm super good to him.
    Anyways i think a man want someone loyal with good morals and a respectful good wife and mother.