Not finding anything attractive post-breakup?

I recently broke up with a girlfriend of over three years; there was little emotional connection for almost half of that and it reached the point where it wasn't even a relationship of convenience anymore. Now I'm worried, because I'm not finding any girls attractive. I can't even... relieve stress... because nothing arouses me right now. I'm bitter towards personality traits I've always found attractive, even the ones that my ex doesn't have.

Is this all normal? How long does it take to wear off? This is my first "real" breakup, as she was my first "real" relationship, and I don't want to be bitter and lonely forever. Is there a way to break this funk?



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  • I honestly don't think this is something you should worry about. When that right girl comes along, you're body and mind will start freaking out again. But right now, I think you're going through a time-out phase.

    Don't try to change yourself or force yourself to feel things if it won't come naturally, because that will just be another mistake. There's no law that says you have to produce a jug a semen or have orgasms at the sight of a woman. Just live your life, dude. You're more than just dating material anyway.


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  • Hmm im about 2 years out from where you were, no joke. 3 years and then shit hit the fan.
    To be honest i still feel pangs of it, it doesn't feel good at all and even when there is some sort of connection i tend to linger away from it. In all honesty dude you need to hang out with friends do things you had previously never done. When i was doing those things and not being stuck in school i was maturing, feeling much better about where i was in life. I think what you are battling is more than a breakup bud.

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