Girls how assertive, confident, and bold do you want your men to be? Should the guy just GO for you like in a romance novel/movie?


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  • A guy 'just going for me' like in romance movies/novels is not a guy who is assertive or confident. Guys who do things like Noah The Notebook are completely whipped and, though it was a nice gesture in the movie, I'd never want a guy who is so readily willing to put aside his life plans just because of me.


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  • If a girl is assertive or confident usually she want a guy to be right back. Be a god damn power couple storming through war together!

    • Lol that is fine for an assertive extrovert. So how about a shy introvert? What do you think that they want?

    • Well I'm the assertive and confident type. But I would say judging from my friends.
      Some of those girls just want a friendly guy who can be sensitive and relaxed.

  • Uh I would never suggest you act like a romance hero that's just fantasy but we have been over this before. You got to talk to her IN PERSON AND TELL HER HOW YOU FREAKING FEEL! She's obviously either dense as a brick or is waiting on you to tell her how you feel or whatever.

    • I know Vslkyrie I was just asking a question for xper points. pst you left out she might also be waiting for me to just ask her out.

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    • That to. Yes you should totally ask her out. lol

    • I will in a week or two. I have to get my nerve up and we need to settle a bit into the new school semester.

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