I been dating a girl, how long should no contact last?

Basically it was all going well onto a fourth date and she took something said the wrong way. She than said due to her hectic lifestyle she said we should wait for a little while and that she can't take things further at this moment in time. She never said leave me alone or don't contact me and her tone in the message sounded sad. The problem is she's gone back on the datings it after i have being doing no contact for 10 days. I know the standard no contact is 30 days but thats for relationships, so which of the above is best?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • She blew you off man, she gave you that bs story.. her life his hectic and she can't take things further.. right.. so if your life is so "hectic" right now why is she even dating or went back to dating sites? Please. Whatever you said must ran away or she wasn't serious.. that's why she's back to dating sites. She still looking and keeping her options open. 10 days is way to long, cut it down to 2 or 3 at least

    • 2 to 3 days no contact? she ignored my last message? I did piss her off as she took my message the wrong way and i pushed for a relationship when she wanted to take things slow

    • If she ignored you dude she's not into you.. she probably thought it was getting to serious and still wanted to keep looking. I say forget about her move on.. there other women who are looking for a serious relationship. And yes don't ever make woman wait that long.. in this advice for dating.. not talking to her anymore. For example, if I gave you my number and you didn't call me in say maybe 2 to 3 days I'm gonna assume you weren't into me by 8th day.

Most Helpful Guy

  • It's not like that bro!!! You're dating! This no contact, is just an immature silent treatment from you both.

    Believe me, it's her way of being passive aggressive with you. I was with the queen of "taking things said the wrong way". And believe me, after we would go home, wouldn't here from her from weeks to months.

    Take it from me mate, just contact her. Cause I know you want to, and you're allowing yourself not to, for pride where it's not needed. Screw the 30 day rule or 45 day rule. That for ex's usually anyway. Contact her, apologize (maybe), and ask her to talk to you. Don't lose out over pride mate.

    I did 😔.

    • thanks for your postive words im going to contact her Friday, i have apologised already but she ignored my message. I was thinking of sayin hey, just want to give you a bit of space, wanna go London Saturday if you can't that's cool? x

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    • so give me some tips to step my game up, as we have already made out and she has said she had feelings for me. She even considered a relationship if one of us could drive. so stick with asking her out Sunday i have waited 6 months for her already and been on 3 dates. she's a student nurse so always busy.

    • The making out and saying she has feelings for you. Mean very little in reality man. There's a thing called an oppertunity window, and you've missed it with her. This makes it hard to get her attention again.

      I'm no expert on this haha, otherwise the girl I love wouldn't hate me right now. But you won her over before man, so believe me you can do it again. Like I said, you know her better than me. So you probably know what's required to gain her attention. Use that, and get her bro.

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  • It kind of sounds like she's not interested and was letting you down easy.

    No amount of no contact is going to change her mind.

    • she done this before though and got back in touch

    • if she was intrested how much no contact would you recommend? by the way we kissed and she admitted in person she had feelings for me.

    • She might have at the time but perhaps what you said that put her off is a deal breaker for her?

What Guys Said 3

  • It was over when she said she couldn't take things forward. Read between the lines, that was her ending it.

    Don't contact her again. You said before she's done this before - don't go crawling back, if she was genuinely interested she wouldn't jerk you around like this.

    • true but she's been liking really sad posts on facebook and instagram

    • She ended things and went NC. That is not your problem. Stop following her on social media and peeking at her on dating sites.

  • 21 Days

  • Just move on. If she's going back onto the dating site, then she's not serious about you.