Guy wants to spend too much time with me?

I like this guy, but he wants to spend too much time. I only get one day off work this week. We went out last night bowling with just him, and today he wants to spend all day with me. And he always wants to Skype/ text me. We just started dating, and im already feeling suffocated and I feel like I shouldn't feel this way. He is such a nice guy, but he says the biggest thing he wants out of a relationship is time. I want to sit at home be lazy and do my laundry and play my playstation, to be honest. And when classes start, what if I can't give him enough time?


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  • You got what most girls want lol ummm are you sure you want to date right now? Anyways I guess you tell him you want a little bit of alone time.. like a day or two.

    • Because we just started dating I'm afraid of blowing him off completely, for my alone time. I am a complete home-body; I guess I was looking for just someone to talk to everyday, not necessarily see everyday. Maybe I'm not ready to date? I don't know.

    • Doesn't sound like you wanted to date at all.. just wanted some company every once in a while.

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  • Consider yourself lucky in a way, I wish my boyfriend would spend more time with me and put more effort into our relationship and show more eagerness to see me and take me bowling or something..

    I get what you're saying though, it can feel suffocating when someone wants ALL your attention ALL of the time.

    My advice would be to perhaps do a compromise of how much time you spend together, perhaps you put certain days aside to see each other or maybe agree to see each other every evening or afternoon if you don't want to spend the ENTIRE day with him. Me and my boyfriend see each other twice a week for 9 hours though I think it would be good to spend more time together, like not 24/7 but you know.

    I think it's quite normal to be excited and want to spend lots of time together when in a relationship, especially at the beginning of one - when I started going out with my boyfriend I was messaging him on fb constantly and awaiting his reply and counting down the days until I was seeing him.

    I always thought that kind of thing was normal, if you don't want to spend much time with this guy, are you sure you're really that into him?

    • He wanted to spend an entire day, from 10am to 9pm, with me, after we spent the previous evening bowling. And I only had the one day off from work, so in my mind-When am I going to do my laundry, meal prep, house cleaning, etc? When do I get to relax? But put this way, I do feel lucky, thank you. In between dates we text or Skype. I can't miss you if your always there, and he is always there and I am definitely not extroverted. I am going to attempt a compromise, if not, maybe we should end things because he deserves someone that will make him happy. I don't know.

    • That might be a sensible idea. I suppose I think more along the lines of how your boyfriend does and vice versa.

      See I get that you need to do your laundry and things but if I was working and only had one day off that week, I would be all too happy to spend it with my boyfriend. Even if I had other stuff to do such as laundry I would likely just think something along the lines of

      "It can wait, I'll do a bit of laundry after work. I want to spend time with my boyfriend because I enjoy spending time when him and when else this week will I see him?"

      Everyone is different though, and I understand you can't miss someone if they're always there.

      I think that the best thing to do in this situation would be to do compromise like we've said.

  • He obviously really likes you and can't get enough of your time. I would just be really honest with him and tell him how you feel - but do it in a way where he knows you like him still.

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